Coming November 1, 2014
  K.D. Beckett's "In Time" Saga's 7th and last volume:
End of Time

 Although standing on Scottish soil, Liam Alexander Blackwell, finds himself in a world he was not prepared for, facing a young pretty opponent he never expected on his ancestral estate, now called the Highlander Inn – and current movie set for Neil MacDonell’s epic historical film.
      The very last thing Caitlin expected was the spectacular appearance of a tall red-haired, kilt-clad Scott-Blackfoot warrior with emerald eyes, claiming to be the rightful heir to the Blackwell estate. Unfortunately for Caitlin, Liam is not like his cousins, Alex Blackwell and Rhònan Wilkie; he’s not Prince Charming, not even Mr. Nice Guy. 
    Unfortunately for Liam, Caitlin’s ties to the Blackwell castle are strong and she does not scare easily. The Highlander’s claymore nearly decapitates her, yet she raises a sword from the movie set against him.   
    “Take a breath before you pop a vein, Highland man! This is my property and you’re trespassing.”
    Just when everyone thinks that he will strike, he laughs at the gall of this waif of a woman, who shares his hair colour. “Aye, she’s a Cameron for sure.” He pushes her sword aside with the tip of his. “Come, lassie, fetch me food. Tha an t-acras orm."   
    “Fetch your own food, laddie. You can starve for all I care.”
    Despite her bravado, Caitlin fears that her days as the owner of the Highlander Inn are numbered. She wages  battle against Lord Liam Alexander Blackwell, who vows that his ancestors’ legacy will remain in Blackwell hands, eternally. The biggest battle of her life, however, takes her to Canada's Siksika Valley, during the filming of another historical movie, among people who welcome her warmly, and support her when her world collapses around her. 



"In Time"  Saga ©2011  

Canadian Métis Author:
K.D. Beckett

Rainbows in the Mists raise Tides and carve Paths, as Secrets unravel a Legacy into the End of Time.

In Time Historical Saga:
The Ancestors
Book 1 to 4: for those who prefer historical novels


In Time Contemporary Saga: The Descendants
Book 5 to 7 : for those who prefer modern time novels


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In Time Historical Saga : The Ancestors
Book 1 to 4

Join the thousands of "In Time" readers who have embarked on a captivating journey filled with thrills,
adventure, comedy, drama, and of course romance, from the 21st century into the 18th century.
Meet Lee Ann Wandering Spirit  Grayhawk, a Métis -Ojibwa Search & Rescue expert, whose shaman ancestors
take through a rainbow from 2010 Mattawa, Ontario, to the man she is partly named after:
Michael Lee Ómahkapi’si  Blackwell, a Scot-Blackfoot War Chief/Fur Trader - in 1793 Athabasca, Alberta.

Join them on their epic trek into Canada's Rocky Mountains.

Live the extraordinary circumstances that entwine their lives with Lee Ann's grandfather,
Ben Grayhawk,
a hardy Métis Voyageur, whose brush with death triggered an irreversible chain of events;
with Métis-Algonquin Julien Montour, an intrepid Voyageur from Trois-Rivieres;
and elite Siksika warrior, Head Chief White Eagle.

With them, form alliances with the Blackfoot Confederacy and the North West Company,
against the Hudson Bay Company.
Join your efforts to theirs in their wars against the Coyote's Red Crow and Snake,
the hated whiskey pedlars, the illegal trappers, and the invaders. Paddle the rivers from the Rockies to Montreal with
Lee Ann and Michael's family, then sail on a NWC packet ship to Scotland's Highlands, where one of their son's destiny lies. 
Live a breathtaking adventure with the Blackwell, Montour, and White Eagle clans, as they strive to preserve a way
of life and leave their legacy In Time, for their numerous descendants across Turtle Island.

In Time Contemporary Saga: The Descendants
Book 5 to 7

In 2010, the year Lee Ann Grayhawk left Mattawa, meet her and Michael's direct descendants:
Alexander Nitoh Mahkwhi Blackwell  ~  Police Officer,
Rhònan Kiaayo-Okosis Wilkie  ~  Firefighter,
and Liam Kiaayo-Okosis  Blackwell  ~  Highlander,
and the beautiful Montour triplets, Melinda, Regine, and Tiffamy,
who will take you on more breathtaking adventures, living up to their ancestors' high spirit and determination to
preserve their heritage. As they learn of Lee Ann and Benjamin's true origin, and meet Alicia Grayhawk, share their struggle through chaotic times, in the face of overwhelming challenges triggered by human greed and Mother Earth.
With them, unravel their intrepid ancestors' Secrets to preserve their Legacy into the End of Time.

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Each book :  Size: 6" x 9" - Superior quality print on white Rolland paper
Cover: Laminated and smudge proof - Page range: 352 to 392 pages    
Cost: $20.00 each
Shipping/Handling:   1 book:  $6.  /    2-3 books: $8.   /   4-5 books:  $10. 
Entire Collection of 7 books: $12. (Available in Oct 2014)

What the readers are saying about the In Time Saga:
* I was captivated and drawn into the story from the very first chapter. The characters are so richly developed
that you fall in love with them and don't want the adventures to end. (L. Murray)

* I can’t stop reading your books once I start. I can’t wait for the next one. (Gerry B)
* I finished Paths in Time. I absolutely cannot wait to get my hands on the 5th... (Arlene C)
* Wow! What a powerful ending to the third book: Tides of Time. (Karen B)
* Just finished Book 5: Secrets in Time. Wow, what a captivating journey. Can’t wait for #6. (J. Hachie)
* Did you hear me laugh when I read about Emelie Quesnel in Mattawa? This and all else was great. Starting no. 5 today. A great big hug for all the pleasant hours you have given us.  (E & R St-Amour)
* I'm close to end of the first book. It is so well written. I laughed and I feels like I'm there with Lee Ann. Looking forward to "Mists of Time". (Doris B)
* Alex is priceless! What a wonderful adventure I lived with him and beautiful Charlie. And what can I say about the surprise you had for us during their stay in Mattawa! Can't wait for Book 6! (Gisele H)

* It's hard to believe that the last volume in the saga will be out this year. I really don't like the idea of saying farewell to the Blackwell, Montour, and White Eagle clans. They're like family!!! (Lise A)

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