K.D. Beckett's In Time Saga

Rainbows in the Mists raise Tides and carve Paths, as Secrets unravel a Legacy into the End of Time.

     Rainbows in Time is the first novel in the "In Time" Saga, a "septology" that explores Canada's 
 historical landscape and cultural heritage during the hay days of the fur trade. T
he saga depicts the hypothetical lives and adventures of the intrepid heroes and villains who shaped our continent's early relationships between Europeans and Indians*. It also lifts a tiny corner of the mysterious veil surrounding Shamanism, time transference/ transcendence, and temporal chasms.

      It is my deepest hope that you will enjoy your journey with the Scot-Blackfoot Blackwell, Métis Montour, and Siksika White Eagle clans as much as I am enjoying writing it. At their side, you will discover a rapidly changing world, welcome new clan members and bid others farewell, and perhaps deepen your spirituality. You will laugh with them at times, and cry at others. Perhaps you will become a warrior for a time, to fight at their side to defend their freedom, their culture, and their language. Perhaps you will become a hunter to ensure the survival of their people. Or perhaps you will join the women and the elders' circles as they ensure the well-being of their people. You will share our heroes' trials and tribulations as they strive to build a safe and prosperous life for their loved ones. At the very least, you will partake in their struggles, their victories, and their losses. 
    It is my hope that throughout the journey, you will experience a love so strong, so profound, that time itself cannot destroy it. I wish for you to feel what they feel, and see what they see, as they carve their place on a land originally inhabited by their First Nations relatives, with whom they share their lives.   Perhaps you will rally to Michael’s war cry:  “Nitawahsin-nanni, Nitsitapiisinni. Our land, our way of life. We will defend it to the death.”

*Note: the word Indian in these novels is used in its historical context.


                                                              Book Cover Artwork

                                           Book 1: Clermont Duval, Mattawa  (http://clermontduval.com)
                                           Book 2: Clermont Duval, Mattawa  (http://clermontduval.com)
                                           Book 3: Costel Duval, Mattawa  (http://www.costelduval.com)
                                           Book 4: Alfredo Rodriguez  (www.AlfredoArtist.com)
                                           Book 5: Lee Bogle (www.leebogle.com)
                                           Book 6: Lee Bogle (www.leebogle.com)
                                           Book 7: Sarah Drennan (The Lost Hype) & Aline Gendron
                                                          FB: https://www.facebook.com/thelost.hype 

                                                  Individual books' Dedication

Rainbows in Time: In memory of a beloved Mother, Marie Claire Dorion-Dumont
Mists of Time: In memory of my grandmother,
Lena Matte (Meilleur-Dorion)
Tides of Time: In memory of Pierre N. Lorion & Cecile Mawishk McDonell
Paths in Time: In memory of Pierre Couc & Marie Mitéouamigoukoué
Secrets in Time: In memory of Nazaire Matte & Elodinas Sauvageau-Cardinal
Legacy of Time: In memory of Métis heroes Gabriel Dumont & Madeleine Wilkie
End of Time: In memory of Allan Lundee McDonell & his country wife




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