Métis Author, K.D. Beckett            
                                        "In Time" Saga
From the Author


    As a Métis descendant of Scot and French fur traders and their First Nations wives, my writing celebrates their culture, their lives, and their exploits, which are as immemorial as their legacy. It also honours people who were not afraid to be true to themselves – of yesteryear heroes who showed deep respect for honour, integrity and the Creation.
   It is my privilege to honour our history through stories inspired by the ancestors who walked upon Mother Earth before us. A Medicine Man once told me that blood remembers. As such, my adventure-seeking pen follows my inspiring heroes on their journey; I simply capture their extraordinary exploits for your reading pleasure.
   Except for well-known and well documented historical figures, the characters of the “In Time” Saga are purely fictional.  To my knowledge, most facts about the culture, customs, language, and history of the Niitsítapi (Blackfoot Confederacy), Métis, Ojibwa, Lakota, and Tsuu T’ina (Sarsi) People are accurate. 

  I write these novels with the utmost respect for the Aboriginal People, whose blood I share, and for all the world’s People who walk lightly upon Mother Earth, in Justice and Peace.

                               “In Time” Saga’s Sacred Teachings 
    The Aboriginal People follow Seven Sacred Teachings, or Seven Natural Laws, which are the foundation of a healthy life. The Seven Sacred Teachings are sometimes called Seven Truths or Seven Gifts: Love, Respect, Humility, Courage, Truth, Wisdom, and Honesty. 
Each book in the “In Time” Saga honours one of the Teachings as our heroes embark on their journey through time and strive to honour their sacred teachings in a chaotic world. The last book closes the loop of the sacred medicine wheel of our heroes’ lives, and thus carry their legacy into the end of time.

                          My sincere thanks to You , Dear Reader, for sharing this moment In Time.
                                                                      Karole, (Miskwa Kekkek)






To order your copies of the In Time Saga: Email: kdbeckett@live.ca  


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