The photos on this page were gathered from various Internet sites. I selected them to honour our Ancestors and their way of life, their culture and their language. Because we don’t know who the authors of the pictures are we are unable to secure permission, but if you are the owner of any of these pictures, please feel free to advise us if you would like for it to be removed. Email:
Thank you to all those who have contributed to this page.

Blackwell Clan

   Meet the Blackwell clan - as pictured by the "In Time" Saga fans

                                     Michael Blackwell & Lee Ann Grayhawk

                                        Michael Lee Blackwell as a fur trader

                    Benjamin Blackwell                    Billy Blackwell                          Julian Blacwell
Máóhk Ayinnimaa                            Is-sistsi                                 Máóhkataatoyi
                            Red Hawk                              Wolverine                                       Red Fox
                Artist: Alfredo Rodriguez


                Annie Blackwell                        Katie Blackwell                        Alexander Blackwell
                      Autumn Rain                                  Raven                                      Bear Shield
                      Mo’ko Sootaa                            Omahkai’stoo                            Kiaayo-Okosis   
 Artist: Lee Bogle                               Artist: Alfredo Rodriguez

                MacKenzie Blackwell                Blue Bird Blackwell                      Night Announcer
                      Spirits Being                               Ojawani                                       Sipisttoo

                   Julian & Little Otter           Annie & Katie Blackwell      Blue Bird &Running Bear
                                                          Artist: Alfredo Rodriguez




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