Quotes from "In Time" Saga Readers   

  The "In Time" Saga is as a series of books one just cannot put down, and does not want to see end.  (Lynn M.) 
Your stories take me right there, in the heart of the action. I just can't get enough. (R. Roi)     

Hi Karole just wanted to let you know, I read Lakota Heart and I'm totally in awe!! Couldn't stop reading. Wow what a story. Loved it from beginning to the end and now I can't wait for the next one. Great writing, big compliment to you!  (Doris B)

OMG! The Moccasins are amazing! I wish there was a sequel. I loved Erin and Joe and Caleb. Please give us a sequel! (Aline H)

Karole, I am half way through Lakota Heart and I'm really getting angry with Chief Otaktay. I hope he smartens up pretty soon. What a story! I can't get enough of it, and I must admit that it's a good thing I wasn't born in that era! Can't wait to read the rest. (Sylvie P) 

I was chatting with my sister and she was said that she wasn’t able to put book # 7 (Legacy in Times) down once she started!  I had it done in a day and a half. Incredible ending to the series Karole, I absolutely loved this one the best. Like all other readers, I will be disappointed to have it end there.
Hard not to fall head over heels for Liam, OMG he was something else, the whole book was really moments in time with each of the six before it.. I cried, a lot! and laughed out loud, you know you are reading a good book when you put it down you are smiling! and just can't wait to open it back up to get through the next chapters, your my favorite author! (Arlene C)

I devoured your books. I read all of them in five months! I was transported to their world very early in the first book and couldn't wait to start the next. I loved the mix of historical facts and fiction. The books were both educational and entertaining. The saga would make an awesome TV mini series.
(Carole C)

Bonjour K. D. Juste un petit mot pour te dire que ,hier soir, j`ai terminé “End of Time” ! Je fais bien attention aux arc-en-ciel maintenant! Mais quelle belle fin.Marsi pour ce beau voyage! (Rosaire R)

Oki my friend K.D. Once more you have astonished with your books, which I now have all read. I hope that there will be more books to come soon. I just enjoy them so much. I can’t wait for more of your stories. Just love them. Your friend always. (Carole T.)

I hope to one day see a mini series! And I'd like to thank YOU! For sharing your knowledge and wisdom and sharing your stories, our stories with me and all of us through your books! I can't get enough! Love reading about my ancestors! Merci ma belle cousine! (Christine P.)

“Rainbows in Time must be judged as a potential first of a series of great sequences bringing to modern Canada intimate glimpses of its ancestral past in several geographic settings.  I can’t wait for its sequel!” (J. Jibb)

Looking forward to getting Mists of Time! My mom gave me Rainbows in Time in 2013, but I had been reading so much for school that I began to hate reading in general :(  but I picked it up again last week, and finished it in a couple of days! Your book really helped me get back into reading, so miigwech for that!  (Jessica H)

Legacy in Time: "When I finished Paths in Time, I was sure that I wouldn't like Part 2 of the Saga, but I was wrong, my dear author! The Descendants is even better than the Ancestors! I loved the surprise you had for us in Secrets in Time, and I love the ones you had in Legacy even more! Can't wait to meet the mysterious Liam in the next one. When will we see In Time on the big screen?" (Becky M.)

Legacy in Time: "I don't know how you have managed it but it just gets better and better with each book and I can't believe there is only one more to go! Both my sister and I were curled up on the deck last weekend reading our new books, which we waited ohhh sooo long for... and were laughing and crying 14 pages in... how the heck do you do that?" (Arlene C.)

Legacy in Time: "Goosebumps, tears, roller coaster emotions...pure pleasure reading Legacy in Time. You don't want it to end so what will it be with End of Time?  I am more than convinced that your readers (me) will not want it to end. I can't wait to meet and find out where Liam Alexander Michael Blackwell comes from......Merci pour tous ces bons moments. xoxo." (Lorraine V.)

"It's hard to believe that the last volume in the saga will be out this year. I really don't like the idea of saying farewell to the Blackwell, Montour, and White Eagle clans. They're like family!!!" (Lise A)

"Alex is priceless! What a wonderful adventure I lived with him and beautiful Charlie. And what can I say about the surprise you had for us during their stay in Mattawa! Just when I think I know what's coming next, you take us on a completely unexpected path! Can't wait for Book 6!" (Gisele H)

"You made me cry!!! Wow! What a powerful ending to the third book: Tides of Time. The ending really started to pick up steam about 3/4 of the way through, and kept building to a brilliant but heart breaking finish! Well done!!!!" (Karen B) 

“This is the kind of story that puts me in another place in time that is so amazing. I am so there!"  (S. Start)

“There is always one more interesting fact, one more adventure to check out so you just can’t put the book down! You just don’t want the story to end.” (L. Plante)

"I have just finished reading Tides of time and I feel like I have just lost two very important people. You have written such a wonderful love story that one cannot help but feel such sadness at their passing. I am still crying as I write this. For such a long time, I had fun thinking of myself living back in the day when our people lived off the land, never really thinking about what their reality was. So much warring, so much loss of life and much too early in their lives. Now, I don't think I could survive such a lifestyle. My heart would break. I want to thank you from the very depths of my heart for telling their stories. You have made me very proud of our ancestors, how they could withstand such hardships, both physical and emotional. I cannot wait for the next book, the next generation to come alive under your pen. Chi meegwetch to Creator for giving you this talent, Chi meegwetch to you for honouring his gift. Need to finish emptying the box of kleenex now. Please let me know when Paths of Time is ready. I need to follow this family.
In peace and friendship and most of all, in gratitude.
Nangiz-I Wawashkeshi-Kwe" (Lise M)

“I was captivated and drawn into the story from the very first chapter. The characters of Lee Ann and Michael are so richly developed that you fall in love with them and don't want the adventures to end. I can't wait for the next saga!" (L. Murray)

"Karole, I purchased the first two books at the Arts Festival and PowWow on Aboriginal Day. Although, I was warned to read the "In Time" Saga as one eats a box of fine chocolates, I have to confess that I wolfed the whole box down. Could you please send the Book three asap?" (Monique S.)

"I am currently reading your second book after purchasing both at Voyageur Days Mattawa. I wanted to say how much I'm enjoying your writing and hope to hear when your next books come out." (Eleanor H.)

"How and what can I say to do you justice – your writing makes very good reading and would make very good movie material – through your writing I could easily picture every sequence.  Karole, I don’t want to put pressure on your shoulders, but when can I read book 4 and the others? The story is sensational – I love reading true historical facts about my country so please don’t stop you’re a fabulous writer and a wonderful person."  (Lorraine V)

"Et bien, je viens de terminer ton 3e livre... fantastique! Tes livres sont tellement vivants et plaisants à lire ! Tu réussis à transporter tes lecteurs à cette époque marquante de notre histoire et de nous éveiller à certaines sobres réalités historiques. Tes récits réussissent à faire virevolter nos cœurs et soulever toute une panoplie d’émotions  face aux maintes péripéties envisagés par les personnages. Chapeau !" (Michel C)

"I have truly enjoyed your first 3 books, I can’t stop reading one once I get my hands on it so obviously I can’t wait for the next one." (Gerry B)

"Would you please let me know when the third book does come out?  I've finished the first two.  I cried reading the second book.  You have captured the trials that the people would go through so well and you leave enough hints for us to figure out all the other trials you did not write about.  Lee Ann is surely not the only one who lost people she loved, so did many others. And when the men went to confront their enemies, how many other wives felt the same as Lee Ann.  The lack of instantaneous communication that we are all so used to did not exist back then and finding out a year after the fact that your best friends were killed in a "commercial" war, I simply cannot imagine having to wait that long.  And I love the jokes that Michael and Lee Ann play on each other.  That last one at the end of the book, just too precious.  Keep 'em coming, my dear author, you have an avid reader and dedicated fan in your hands."  (Lise M)

"I read your book so fast, I couldn’t stop. What a great story, I just love it. Whenever you have a 3rd  book ready for me, let me know." (Doris B)

"J'ai terminé la lecture de ton roman ce matin. Quelle charmante histoire! Tu es vraiment douée: l'histoire se déroule très bien et toutes les étapes s'enchaînent parfaitement; tu maintiens toujours l'intérêt du lecteur.  Que dire de Michael et Lee Ann....tout à fait des caractères à la fois héroiques et si humains? Il n'est guère surprenant que tes lecteurs, spécialement tes lectrices, sont grandement épris par tes deux héros. Ton roman contient beaucoup d'action.....et les lecteurs aiment beaucoup ça. J'ai aussi trouvé l'aspect historique du roman très intéressant et réaliste." (Raymond T)

"I finished Paths in Time. I absolutely cannot wait to get my hands on the 5th... Christmas seems a long way away you know... lol.  It was fabulous... I love where the series is headed... I cried, laughed and thoroughly enjoyed every word of it!! I did try to enjoy like a treat of chocolate, but you know what the problem is, I love my chocolate and I devour it!  Same as the books!!" (Arlene C.)

This in reference to very interesting book " Rainbows in Time". I just could not take my mind off of it after I started reading it. I sure am ready to continue following the story in "Mists of Time". Once more, congratulations and I thank you for the marvellous time I had reading your book. I love your writing, dear K. D. Beckett. (Claire G.)

"Just finished reading Rainbows in Time… Oh my goodness...I loved it...can't wait to read the next one. Will get started tonight. You sure know how to hook a reader and it is so nice to learn about this part of my heritage. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with us!!!!" (Aline G)



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